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Sarake Sign: electronic signature

Sarake Sign is an electronic signature service that serves the needs of users, from private individuals to global organisations. The service is scalable from the signature of individual documents to more extensive needs, where large numbers of documents can be signed as part of an organisation’s operative processes.

Secure and user-friendly electronic signature service

Sarake Sign is developed with a focus on the users. The product development is based on user-oriented design, and we continuously develop the product to meet the various needs of our extensive customer base. It is especially important to us that your information and documents are safe. Sarake Sign is secure and reliable, thanks to two-factor authentication and strong identification.

Why choose Sarake Sign?

  • Suitable for signing all kinds of documents (e.g. contracts, powers of attorney, minutes)
  • Easy-to-use service
  • Safe two-factor authentication
  • Diverse identification options
  • Quick and effective signature process and constantly updated information on the status of the process
  • Clear reporting that supports monitoring
  • Legally binding and reliable
  • Fixed fee, no additional costs per signature (free use for private users!)
  • Scales according to the need, from private use to the needs of international companies
  • Can be integrated with other systems
  • Compliant with the eIDAS Regulation
Services - Sarake Sign: electronic signature - Sarake

Get started with electronic signatures in just a few minutes!

You can get started with Sarake Sign in just a few minutes. Through the MySarake pages, you can easily deploy our Private and Basic packages and share permissions with other users in your own organisation. For private individuals, using the service is completely free!

Do you need a more extensive, fully customised electronic signature solution for a larger organisation? Contact us and ask for a quote for our Sarake Sign Full package!

Sarake Sign – features

Comes with two-factor user authentication with an SMS PIN code or Sarake Reko. If necessary, Sarake Sign can be integrated with the service, or strong identification with banking codes, a mobile certificate or an ID card can be connected to the service.  

The electronic signature service can be connected to any information system, thanks to its innovative API. Examples of applications include CRM, ERP and ECM systems and, of course, Sarake Ark, Sarake Doc or Sarake Contract.

The electronic signature created by Sarake Sign is a strong signature based on a certificate that is attached as an integral part of the signed document. That way, you can verify the authenticity of the signature without a separate signature or validation application.

The documents can be distributed to the parties on the basis of different roles. For example, the recipient can act as a signatory, or the document can be sent as information, in which case the ready documents are directly available to all parties concerned.

The Sarake Sign signature service can be customised to fit the look of the company, both in terms of the application and the messages sent.

Ready-made email and text message templates and saved phrases speed up the sending of signature requests. With delivery lists, you can reach your regular signatories.

Signature invitations are forwarded to the parties by email and, if necessary, by SMS.

The system enables the use of ready-made form templates for electronic signature. This saves time when signing routine documents, making operations more efficient.

Ready, electronically signed documents are stored in the system for 30 days by default. During that time, all persons connected to the signature process have the opportunity to view the document and save it in their own document bank. After this, the documents are typically transferred to the storage locations separately defined by the organisation. Ask for more information about long-term storage!

Sarake Sign is available both as a cloud service or installed in your own data centre.

Documents electronically signed with Sarake Sign are like any other hand-signed document. An electronic signature is equal to a handwritten signature and is valid as such.

Sarake Sign complies with the key international electronic signature standards and regulations.

Choose the Sarake Sign service package suited to your needs

Sarake Sign Basic

from 3,90 € / month / user

Sarake Sign Wide

Fully integrated

Sarake Sign Private

For private users

Compare our electronic signature service packages

Sarake Sign
Sarake Sign
Sarake Sign
Users and signatures
Unlimited number of signatures and signature requests
User-specific pricingFree of charge
Unlimited number of users
Sending and receiving signature requests
Saving contact information, i.e. address book
Saving drafts
Roles (in addition to the signatory, the reviewer and case manager)
User groups
Signature request attachments
Determination of the order of signatories
Setting a deadline
Customisation of email messages and the app to the look of the company
The organisation’s own certificate
Possible identification methods
SMS PIN code
Sarake Reko
Finnish banking codes
Mobile certificate
ID card
Integrations and the environment
SaaS service
Also available for your own data centre
AD integration and SSO
System monitoring and maintenance
Support for the customer’s administrators (weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

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Electronic signature service that can be extensively integrated

Sarake Sign is fully integrable with other systems, thanks to its sophisticated API. In addition to extensive integration possibilities, the Sarake Sign Full package includes customisation of the system to your company’s visual look, SSO login and unlimited users.

”Sarake Sign is an easy-to-use and clear service with fully reliable data security.”

IT Director of a Finnish university

Sarake Sign: frequently asked questions

An electronic signature is a modern and legally binding way to sign contracts and documents. In electronic signature services, the person is identified electronically and requested to verify the data content of documents and to authorise their signature.

The eIDAS Regulation ((EU) 910/2014), effective in the EU Member States, determines the legally valid formats for the electronic verification of identity and electronic signatures. In Finnish legislation, the requirements set out in the eIDAS Regulation are included in the Act on Strong Electronic Identification and Electronic Trust Services (617/2009).

Kyllä. Sarake Signin sähköinen allekirjoitus on EU-asetuksen (EU 910/2014, 26. artikla) tarkoittamalla tavalla kehittynyt sähköinen allekirjoitus.

1. It is uniquely linked to the signatory

  • In Sarake Sign, signatories are identified by a user ID or a personal call ID formed by the originator of the signature request
  • In connection with signing, the signatory is requested to provide an additional certificate that is uniquely linked to the signatory
  • User ID: An identifier that uniquely and permanently identifies the user
  • Call ID: The signatory’s name, email address and phone number approved by the originator of the signature request
  • Additional certificate: For EU/EEA citizens, a trust network service (private organisations) can be used to link personal data uniquely to the signature, in compliance with the eIDAS requirements. The identification of persons from outside the EU is based on a two-factor identification method (email address + mobile PIN code) approved by the sender.

2. It identifies the signatory

The unique identifier of each signatory is included in the electronic signature properties of the document.

3. It is created using electronic signature creation data that the signatory can, with a high level of confidence, use under their sole control

The signatory’s information is verified with the help of strong identification, by combining two or more factors known to and in the possession of the person, such as an email address, a PIN code sent to a mobile device, an electronic ID card or “banking codes”.

4. It is linked to the data signed with it in a way where any subsequent change in the data can be detected

  • Sarake Sign uses the PDF file format for documents
  • PDF signature is based on a strong method, a strong encryption key and cryptographic methods
  • The PDF file signature is broken if an attempt is made to change the document’s information content.

Yes, it can. Many of our international customers use the service. Signatory identification is generally done with a call ID and a mobile PIN code.

You can use Finnish online banking codes, an SMS PIN code, a mobile certificate, Sarake Reko or an ID card to identify yourself electronically. Identification options have been specified per package in connection with the Sarake Sign service packages.

Sarake Sign
– How does the electronic signature work?

Are you looking for an electronic signature partner?

Are you a SaaS provider in need of an integrated electronic signature for your product? When you become our partner, we integrate electronic signature as an integral part of the service you provide. In the Sarake Sign Partner partnership, you get customisation of the service to fit your brand, processes that are tailored to your customers’ needs, an extensive API solution and seamless integrations.

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