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Modern information management gives you time to focus on the essentials

The world keeps getting more complicated and the amount of information increases continually. For business it is essential that the right information can be accessed by the right people, in the right time. This also significantly saves time and makes your company’s everyday life easier.

We take care of your information so you can focus in your core business and it’s development. With us your information management and storage is reliable and transparent: you own your information and decide how you use it. We take information security very seriously and have decades of experience of high-level information security requirements. We are 100 % domestic operator, so your information always stays inside the Finnish borders.

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We offer business-supporting digital information management services, which enable information to be easily utilized in the company’s everyday life and decision-making. We invest to our service security and functionality but also to their usability. Our mission is to help our customers to clarify demanding entities which is why our experts are supporting you also in planning and the strategic side.

Service Sarake Sign - Sarake

Sarake Sign

Electronic signature

Sarake Sign is an electronic signature service that serves the needs of users, from private individuals to global organisations. The service is scalable from the signature of individual documents to more extensive needs, where large numbers of documents can be signed as part of an organisation’s operative processes.

Service Sarake Ark - Sarake

Sarake Ark

Electronic archiving

Sarake Ark is an electronic archiving service designed on the basis of customer needs. It is a secure storage solution that allows the information to remain unchanged and easy to find. With our service, you can get rid of unnecessary legacy systems and associated costs. You can store information in Sarake Ark in any format.

Service Sarake Ideabox - Sarake

Sarake Ideabox

Innovation platform

Sarake Ideabox is an innovation platform developed for the management of the conceptualisation and innovation process that allows you to make better use of the entire capacity of your organisation and bring a new kind of transparency to the development work. Ideabox tackles the challenges of innovation in organisations, providing an internal social platform to turn new ideas into innovations that serve your operations.

Service Sarake Doc - Sarake

Sarake Doc

Modular content management

Sarake Doc is a collaborative workgroup application created to streamline and facilitate information management in your organisation. With Doc, you can modularly manage a variety of content, such as workspaces, documents, articles, tasks and conversations. Sarake Doc is a secure system where you are always the owner of your own information. The user-friendly service is perfectly scalable to the needs of companies of different sizes.

Sarake Contract - Sarake Oy

Sarake Contract

Contract management

Sarake Contract is a smart service for contract management that enables you to manage the entire life cycle of contracts and utilise contract information with ease. In contract management, Sarake Contract utilises the artificial intelligence developed by Sarake, Sarake Clever. Contract enables a modern contract management process and the development of contract-based business operations.

Service Sarake Clever - Sarake

Sarake Clever

Smart information management

Clever is Sarake’s AI. In addition to Sarake services, Clever can be used to analyse and refine your organisation’s information. We use Sarake Clever to solve problems that require extensive language models and context-based learning as well as to improve the efficiency and automation of work. Smart information management frees up time from routine tasks and allows you to develop your business.

Service Sarake Reko - Sarake

Sarake Reko

Electronic identification

Sarake Reko brings added security and identification options. In addition to Sarake services, Reko can be used for your organisation’s different identification needs. You can strengthen the reliability of your own service by adding the option of multi-factor login or strong electronic authentication for users. Sarake Reko’s user identification meets the requirements of national legislation and the European eIDAS Regulation governing electronic identification.

Service Sarake Prof - Sarake

Sarake Prof

Information management consulting service

Sarake provides high-quality consulting and support services from co-creation to continuous maintenance and monitoring. We have extensive experience in different areas of information management and knowledge-based management and in several different technologies. We want to offer you our expertise to support you at the different stages of your infromation management projects.

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Do you have questions about are services or can we otherwise help you with our information management needs? Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can together find the best possible solutions for digitalizing your company’s operations.