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Sarake Ark:
electronic archiving

Sarake Ark is an electronic archiving service designed on the basis of customer needs. It is a secure storage solution that allows the information to remain unchanged and easy to find. With our service, you can get rid of unnecessary legacy systems and associated costs. You can store information in Sarake Ark in any format.

Electronic archiving can be seamlessly integrated with your organisation’s everyday operations

The archive can be used as an archive in accordance with an archive plan or as a mass archive, depending on your organisation’s need. The archived materials can be managed in the system throughout their life cycle or, if necessary, transferred to national archiving systems. Sarake Ark works seamlessly with different source systems, data models and standards.

The electronic archive search uses artificial intelligence

Sarake Ark utilises the artificial intelligence developed by Sarake, Sarake Clever. Ark uses Sarake Clever’s extensive language models and context-based learning in the context of searching and indexing, among other things. For example, Ark Search intelligently recognises natural language and that way makes the search experience particularly user-friendly.

Why choose Sarake Ark?

  • You can store information in any format
  • Get automated data storage from any data source
  • Get direct savings on maintenance costs by getting rid of unnecessary costs resulting from legacy systems
  • The good categorisation features ensure appropriate data storage and life cycle management
  • The clear and intuitive user interface allows you to easily find the information you are looking for
  • You can preview a wide range of file formats without separate programs
  • Your data will remain unchanged and protected by strict permissions
  • You can conveniently take care of your legal obligations regarding the storage and deletion of data (e.g. GDPR, Accounting Act)
  • Can be integrated with other systems

Sarake Ark – features

  • Text documents (contracts, certificates, instructions, product documents, accounting receipts and materials, salary materials, memos, minutes, emails and electronically signed documents)
  • Excel files
  • Presentations (PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, marketing and sales materials)
  • Files created with Adobe programs (e.g. Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop)
  • Videos
  • Images
  • CAD images
  • Data files (e.g. financial management system printouts)

Thanks to its modern interface, Sarake Ark can be easily connected to a variety of source systems.

  • Customer-specific roles
  • Permissions based on the records management plan
  • Division by publicity category

Sarake Ark classifies and enriches the received data with classification and metadata so that your materials are stored safely and available as planned. You can browse or search the archive according to your needs.

You can take advantage of your existing records management plan, create a completely new plan or take advantage of the ready-made templates offered by our service. A deletion plan can be created for the materials according to the life cycle model.

The archive can be used as an archive in accordance with an archive plan and as a mass archive, depending on the current need. The archived materials can be managed in the system throughout their life cycle or, if necessary, transferred to national archiving systems.

Sarake provides archiving as a service whereby the deployment does not require sizable initial investments in equipment and competence. Sarake Ark can also be installed in the customer’s data centre, in which case the data can be managed by the customer.

  • Compliant with SÄHKE2
  • Compliant with E-ARK
  • Compliant with the electronic storage requirements of the National Archives of Finland

Choose the Sarake Ark service package suited to your needs

Sarake Ark Basic

Sarake Ark Wide

Compare our electronic archiving service packages

Sarake Ark
Sarake Ark
User-specific pricing
Unlimited number of users
Volume-based usage fee
Electronic signature with the organisation certificate
Possibility to convert to a standard-compliant permanent storage format
Supports all storage formats
Enables the data management process
Also available for your own data centre 
AD integration and SSO 
Support for the customer’s administrators (weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
System monitoring and maintenance

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