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Sarake Ideabox: innovation platform

Sarake Ideabox is an innovation platform developed for the management of the conceptualisation and innovation process that allows you to make better use of the entire capacity of your organisation and bring a new kind of transparency to the development work. Ideabox tackles the challenges of innovation in organisations, providing an internal social platform to turn new ideas into innovations that serve your operations. Through the app, the entire personnel can brainstorm ideas any time and anywhere. Ideabox provides every employee with an easy way to participate in development. The tool visualises the entire conceptualisation and innovation process and helps organisations focus on the essentials.

Innovation platform but also an innovation process

Sarake Ideabox is based on a carefully designed innovation process.

Goals derived from the strategy accelerate innovation

Our innovation process also includes goals derived from the strategy that can guide the direction of conceptualisation. Ideas can, of course, be created on any topic but, if necessary, the process can be accelerated and directed with the help of goals set in the application.

Why choose Sarake Ideabox?

  • Helps to harness the capacity and competence of your entire organisation
  • The strategic perspective is closely involved in the innovation process
  • Allows all employees to participate in development
  • Easy-to-use service
  • Helps you brainstorm ideas safely and effortlessly any time and anywhere
  • Transparent process and constantly updated information on the progress of the brainstorming
  • Support for more precise conceptualisation and business case modelling
  • Visual reports and strong support for decision-making
  • Scales according to your need and suitable for small businesses and international needs alike
  • Ready-to-use service that can be adapted to the organisation’s processes
  • Can be integrated with other systems

”Sarake Ideabox is a flexible and atmosphere-boosting innovation platform”

IT Director of a Finnish listed company

Sarake Ideabox – features

Sarake Ideabox serves as an internal social platform where the entire organisation can participate in the development of operations and share their ideas. Ideabox supports co-operation and communal development between different operators in a secure manner and using methods familiar from social media (e.g. likes, images, comments, tags, shares, notifications).

The role-based solution supports decision-making throughout the entire life cycle of the idea. The visibility of ideas or categories can be limited based on the role. The functionalities of the service can be easily connected to different roles according to the organisation’s own needs.

Ideas can be evaluated and analysed using different methods (e.g. peer review, preliminary scoring, idea canvas, BMC, customisable organisation-specific canvases). Information can be enriched from other sources, if desired.

Sarake Ideabox supports decision-making at different stages of the process by providing a number of different smart reports that utilise the Sarake Clever AI. From the reports, you can get down to a more detailed level and compare ideas with each other. Conveniently compare the actual results with the plans.

The Ideabox app is responsive and available on different devices. The service is fully scalable and supports the needs of organisations of different sizes in a variety of ways.

Sarake Ideabox is a complete service that supports the conceptualisation and innovation management process from start to finish. The service can also be tailored to the company’s needs:

  • Adapting to the visual look of the company
  • Customising the process to support current operations
  • Organisation-specific categories and canvases
  • Customising roles and permissions

Ideabox can be connected to any information system, thanks to its innovative API. Examples of applications include CRM, ERP and document management systems.

Sarake Ideabox is available as an easy-to-use cloud service or installed in your own data centre.

Choose the Sarake Ideabox service package suited to your needs

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Sarake Ideabox Wide

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